Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie

Eleventh Doctor’s Bow Tie
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Eleventh Doctor's Bow Tie.
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Bow Ties are Cool!

Bo Derek – cool in the day.

Bow and arrows – handy and cool.

The Face of Boe equals The Face of Cool.

But bow ties...

...are always cool.

Oh, don’t give me that look! I’ve seen that look. Mirth mixed with a big fat dollop of envy. But mostly envy. Because nothing says “I’m all clever and professor-ly and just the tiniest bit hot in an unorthodox way” like a bow tie.

SO! This is the part where I explain how it’s made of a subtle tone-on-tone textured burgundy fabric, and I ramble on about how it fits all necks, from 16 to 22 inches.

I could even link you via a series of highly-complicated, quantum-folding, data-encrypting, timey-wimey telepathic instructions on how to tie it.  But apparently, this link works much better.

But the best thing about a bow tie is that that it looks groovy with everything! Especially a tweed jacket! Or, to be specific, my tweed jacket. Just a shame that’s not knocking about somewhere on the AbbyShot site. Ho hum. Can’t have everything I s’pose.

Ohhhh dear!

Apparently you can have everything! As that’s also available too... And for a limited time, if you buy my jacket you get a bow tie free!

Which, when you think about it, is pretty cool, as you were always going to buy the other anyway. You can’t wear a tweed jacket without a bow tie and you can’t wear a bow tie without a tweed jacket.

You can try, but you won’t be as cool!

The Doctor

Bow Ties are Cool!

*Caution: May become addicted to shopping for bow ties!

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